International Conference on Applied Modeling in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences 
 28 June to 2 July 2021, Sozopol, Bulgaria

Vasile Dragan , Ivan Ivanov, Ioan-Lucian Popa, The Game Theoretic Approach of a Stochastic Linear Quadratic Tracking Problem,

Danail Sandakchiev ,, COVID-19 in Bulgaria
Covid-19 (19.04.2021)   Covid-19DS (23.04.2021) COVID-19(18.05.2021)
Comparison 12th April - 1st May 2021

Gyurhan H. Nedzhibov,, Dynamic mode decomposition: A new approach for computing the DMD modes and eigenvalues

Konstantin Kolev,, Opportunities for Enhancement of Competitiveness in Forestry in Bulgaria  

Boyko Amarov,, Multilevel modelling of invalid voting rates in the Bulgarian local elections 2015 and 2019.     Presentation

Boryana Uzunova-Dimitrova, Hristo Paraskevov, Stanimir Zhelezov,
Objective Assessment During a Pandemic,  abstract

Kiril Kirilov,, Replication of the Performance of Image Classification Algorithm 

Ivan Mitkov,, Applying Machine Learning to predict the realized volatility of various financial assets

James Osondu,, Methodology for Teaching in the Module “Databases” With the Help of MS ACCESS

Borislava Brigazova,, Gene Selection Algorithms: Literature review 

Meglena Lazarova,, Polya-Aepli process of order k of second kind

Ivan Ivanov, , Vasile Dragan,, A Computational Procedure to Deviation of a Random  Signal from a Given Target Based of Piecewise Constant Admissible Controls


Miroslav Cholakov, , Recent Trends in Audio Encryption, abstract

Tonislav Troev, , Cryptography Enriched by the Art of Music, abstract

Hyudyaim Ahmed,,    On Some Parallel Implementation of Chaotic maps, abstract

K. Damov, A. Antonov, I. Angelov,  I. Bardarov, M. Ilieva, I. P. Jordanov, M. Iliev, , Comparative study on the mass density relative distribution in aerodispersed systems of limited volume and liquids  , abstract , presentation

Ivan Ivanov, Ivelin Ivanov,, Improving the accuracy of the machine learning predictive
models for analyzing HCV datasets, abstract