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Participants in Applied Modeling in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences (AMEFSS 2017)
Angel Dimitrov Financial and Quantitative Aspects of Competitiveness in the Bulgarian Social Produce Cooperatives
Angel Marchev Meta-Aggregation Model for Automated Crowdsourced Hedge Fund, Based on Sequential Competition for Investment Portfolio Solutions
Borislava Vrigazova Property Rights: Factors Contributing to the Generation of Income from Ownership of Property
Daniela Pastarmadzhieva Economic dimensions of political instability: Bulgaria in the period 2013-2017
Dobrinka Ivanova Stoyanova Macroeconomic measures on the phenomenon of working poverty. Cause-effect analysis
Elena Georgieva Accounting for the depreciation of vine massifs and its effect on the taxation of the enterprise
Galina Ilieva Group Decision Analysis with EDAS for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Numbers
Georgi Nikolov Modeling Impairment of Assets within the Context of Determination of the Regulatory Asset Base for Regulated Industries
Gergana Taneva Pounding the pound: Modelling GBP real exchange rate after Brexit
Gyurhan H. Nedzhibov New local convergence theorems of the Inverse Weierstrass method for simultaneous approximation of polynomial zeros
Iskra Nencheva – Ivanova Trademarks of agricultural products – necessity and opportunities
Ivan G. Ivanov The stabilizing solutions to Riccati equations with indefinite quadratic parts
Ivelin Ivanov Iterative methods for an equilibrium point of linear quadratic stochastic differential games with state and control-dependent noise
James Britten The existence of underwriting cycles in the South African Insurance market
Yudhvir Seetharam Investor Sentiment as a Factor in an APT model: An International Perspective Using the FEARS Index
Konstantin Kolev Factors Hindering Investments in Forest Equipment in Bulgaria
Mehdi Kiani A Noble Approach to Consumerism in Recent Decades: The Case of Iranian Consumerism
Mina Angelova Innovative model for business financing in the area of wine production
Neli Baeva Improved Iterative Methods for Computing the Nash Equilibrium in Positive Systems
Nikolay Penev Modern Economic Policies and Challenges for the Enterprises of Bulgarian Tourism Industry in the Context of Relationships with Staff
Petar Atanasov Modelling R&D potential of pharmaceutical companies in Bulgaria
Robert W Vivian The shape of the distribution of the series of price changes reconsidered
Tania Yankova The Witch of Agnesi as a Membership Function Shape
Tonya P. Mateva Newton type interval methods for solving nonlinear scalar equations
Trayan Yosifov The Financial Consequences of BREXIT
Valentina Nikolova – Alexieva Opportunities for raising the entrepreneurial culture – a factor for competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy
Vanio Konsulov The Consequences of the Rising Bulgarian Government Debt and the Pursuit of Economic Growth in Eastern Europe
Vasile Dragan, an invited lecterer On the minimization of the mean square of the final value of an output of a linear stochastic controlled system
Venelin Terziev Characteristics of the military professional management activity of the Logistic Officers
Venelin Terziev Entry Opportunities in the Bulgarian Military – Educational System and Ensuring of Civil Rights
Veneta Markovska Modelling strategic economic decisions in competitive environment with evolving players behavior and differences in market concentration
Yani Yanakiev Stochastic Models for The Bulgarian Consumer’s Price Index
Yulia Dzhabarova Marketing of Environmental Friendly Agricultural Food Products in Plovdiv Region: Factors and Drivers for Spatial Distribution
Vejdi Hasanov On some perturbation bounds of the positive definite solution to the matrix equation X-A^* X^(-1) A=Q